Plasmonic elliptical nanoholes for chiroptical analysis and enantioselective optical trapping

in: Nanoscale (2021)
Huang, Jer-Shing; Lin, Zhan-Hong; Zhang, Jiwei
A simple yet effective achiral platform using elliptical nanoholes for chiroptical analysis is demonstrated. Under linearly polarized excitation, an elliptical nanohole in a thin gold film can generate a localized chiral optical field for chiroptical analysis and simultaneously serve as a near-field optical trap to capture dielectric and plasmonic nanospheres. In particular, the trapping potential is enantioselective for dielectric nanospheres, i.e., the hole traps or repels the dielectric nanoparticles depending on the sample chirality. For plasmonic nanospheres, the trapping potential well is much deeper than that for dielectric particles, rendering the enantioselectivity less pronounced. This platform is suitable for chiral analysis with nanoparticle-based solid-state extraction and pre-concentration. Compared to plasmonic chiroptical sensing using chiral structures or circularly polarized light, elliptical nanoholes are a simple and effective platform, which is expected to have a relatively low background because chiroptical noise from the structure or chiral species outside the nanohole is minimized. The use of linearly polarized excitation also makes the platform easily compatible with a commercial optical microscope.

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