Correction: Design and characterization of a plasmonic Doppler grating for azimuthal angleresolved surface plasmon resonance

in: Nanoscale (2021)
See, Kel-Meng; Lin, Fan-Cheng; Huang, Jer-Shing
Correction for ‘Design and characterization of a plasmonic Doppler grating for azimuthal angle-resolved surface plasmon resonances’ by Kel-Meng See et al., Nanoscale, 2017,9, 10811–10819, DOI: 10.1039/C7NR01509G. The authors regret that Fig. 1e of the original papercontained an error in the curves displayed for the silver, aluminium and palladium gratings. Specifically, a different value of the ‘index of the environment’ (1.65) was used in the calculation of these curves compared to that used for calculating the optical response of the gold grating (1.33). The correct Fig. 1 below, displays the curves calculated with the samevalueof the index of the environment (1.33). No amendments are madeto the caption of Fig. 1 orthe othersub-figures presented in the figure. This error does not affect anyof the results orconclusions reported in the paper; only the displayof the figure.

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