European Symposium on Ultrafast Laser driven Biophotonics

11. - 14. September 2022

Volkshaus Jena
Carl-Zeiss-Platz 15
07743 Jena

The European Symposium on Ultrafast Laser-driven Biophotonics (ESULaB) provides a platform for scientific exchange between physicists, chemists, engineers, materials scientists, biologists, biomedical scientists, and industry representatives. It will launch this September in Jena, Germany. Participants will be informed about current trends and perspectives and will receive impulses for their own research.

Discussed will be the latest developments and trends in the field of spectroscopy and imaging using ultra-short pulse laser concepts to answer biophotonic questions. The spectrum of topics includes among others non-linear imaging (e.g. SHG/THG microscopy, coherent Raman microscopy) for biomedical diagnostics, imaging of biological objects with highest spatial resolution by exploiting non-linear phenomena (e.g. STED microscopy) as well as wavelengths in the EUV/X-ray range and ultrafast time-resolved spectroscopy of biological systems e.g. protein folding dynamics using 2D spectroscopy. At the same time, the bridge to translation into application and marketing, e.g. in the field of new diagnostic and biomedical approaches, will be built.

In more than 20 scientific lectures by pioneers in the field of non-linear biophotonics, successful research initiatives will be presented and opportunities will be offered to exchange views on trends and future research questions. In the attached industry forum there will be the chance for interaction between representatives of industry and science. Users will be presented with the latest technical innovations in the fields of infrared, Raman, and terahertz spectroscopy as well as X-ray and EUV microscopy.

More information and registration at www.biophotonics4future/esulab2022