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Essentials of resonance-enhanced soliton-based supercontinuum generation

Qi, Xue; Schaarschmidt, Kay; Chemnitz, Mario; Schmidt, Markus A.
in: Optics Express (2020) 2557

Supercontinuum generation is a key process for nonlinear tailored light generation and strongly depends on the dispersion of the underlying waveguide. Here we reveal the nonlinear dynamics of soliton-based supercontinuum generation in case the waveguide includes a strongly dispersive resonance. Assuming a gas-filled hollow core fiber that includes a Lorentzian-type dispersion term, effects such as multi-color dispersive wave emission and cascaded four-wave mixing have been identified to be the origin of the observed spectral broadening, greatly exceeding the bandwidths of corresponding non-resonant fibers. Moreover, we obtain large spectral bandwidth at low soliton numbers, yielding broadband spectra within the coherence limit. Due to the mentioned advantages, we believe the concept of resonance-enhanced supercontinuum generation to be highly relevant for future nonlinear light sources.

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